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Chai-lun Yueh

Baritone, member of National Association of Teachers of Singing, USA
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Anthology of Chuan-Sheng Lu
Album La Mia Canzone
Some Enchanted Evening
Man Jiang Hong 满江红
Chinese Classical Art Songs
24 Italian Songs & Arias
Letter From Italy 1944
Ständchen 小夜曲
An die Musik 致音乐
Der Lindenbaum 菩提树
Der Tod, das ist die kühl
Die Post 邮车
Flühlingstraum 春梦
Gefrorne Tränen 冻泪
Lydia 丽迪娅
Nacht und Träume 夜与梦
Wasserflut 泪洪
Where'er You Walk
Sonntag 星期日
Morgen 明天

24 Italian Songs & Arias

of the Seventeenth and Eighteenth Centuries


Chai-lun Yueh, baritone

Qi Liu, piano







I enjoyed listening to all of these wonderful selections!

Your voice sounded so rich and beautiful as always. All were beautifully sung with great phrasing and interpretation. You made each piece sound effortless and perfectly even in your voice. Your accompanist did a wonderful job playing beautifully and supporting you so well. The recording was really well done as it sounds like the balance was perfectly blended and that the hall provided great acoustics.

I love so many of these Italian Art Songs which I always enjoyed singing. It was wonderful to hear them again and sung so well. One doesn't get to sing these pieces very often unless you have a chance to do a concert/recital. I miss that as there is so little opportunity anymore for this.

Chai-lun, you should feel very proud of yourself and the beautiful job that you did with this recording. I am sure that many will be very impressed with your hard work and wonderful talent. Beautifully put together in every way......

--- Stephanie Conte

 Wonderful operatic soprano


I have been listening and singing along (even!) on my way to work in the mornings. You sound beautiful - your voice as resonant and mellifluous as ever! And I get to hear 12 protestations of love in either direction as it takes about 12 early Italian songs to get to New Britain and the other 12 to come back. What could be more enjoyable and give me a real boost to my day? When is the sequel?

--- Adele Paxton

 Established soprano from Scotland, a voice professor at Central Connecticut State University (CCSU)



The CD is just terrific!


--- Sarah Meneely-Kyder

Composer, Piano Professor at Wesleyan University 



Sebben, Crudele




Gia il sole dal Gange


Caro mio ben


Alma del core 





01. Per la gloria d'adorarvi

02. Amarilli, mia bella

03. Alma del core

04. Comme raggio di sol

05. Sebben, crudele

06. Vittoria, mio core!

07. Danza, danza, fanciulla gentile

08. Vergin, tutto amor

09. Caro mio ben

10. O del mio dolce ardor

11. Che fiero costume

12. Pur dicesti, o bocca bella 

13. Il mio bel foco

14. Non posso disperar

15. Lasciatemi morire!

16. Nel cor più non mi sento

17. Se tu m'ami, se sospiri

18. Nina (attributed to Pergolesi)

19. Già il sole dal Gange

20. Le Violette

21. O cessate di piagarmi

22. Se Florindo è fedele

23. Pietà, Signore!

24. Tu lo sai