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Chai-lun Yueh

Baritone, member of National Association of Teachers of Singing, USA
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Anthology of Chuan-Sheng Lu
Album La Mia Canzone
Some Enchanted Evening
Man Jiang Hong 满江红
Chinese Classical Art Songs
24 Italian Songs & Arias
Letter From Italy 1944
Ständchen 小夜曲
An die Musik 致音乐
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Der Tod, das ist die kühl
Die Post 邮车
Flühlingstraum 春梦
Gefrorne Tränen 冻泪
Lydia 丽迪娅
Nacht und Träume 夜与梦
Wasserflut 泪洪
Where'er You Walk
Sonntag 星期日
Morgen 明天


Anthology of Chuan-Sheng Lu


岳彩輪 (男中音)  Chai-lun Yueh (Baritone)

王瑞玲 (鋼琴)  Irene Ko (Piano)



Global Music Awards: Silver Medal Winner, Outstanding Achievement


呂泉生 (1916-2008) 被台灣音樂界尊稱為“台灣合唱之父", 是一位杰出的音樂教育家,歌謠創作家, 更是一位“文化大使”。他的一生是台灣近代音樂史的縮影。他先後改編及創作了二百餘首聲樂曲目,重要作品有《阮若打開心內的門窗》,《杯底不可飼金魚》等等。




In memory of Taiwan composer Chuan-Sheng Lu's 100th Birthday, baritone Chai-lun Yueh is releasing this wonderful CD album with 30 beautiful songs composed by him. Chai-lun is also presenting Vocal Recitals in California and Connecticut in June and July, 2016. Piano: Irene Ko. 




To purchase CD from artist directly, please click "Buy Now" button below. You can pay by credit card or PayPal account ($15 plus shipping). For questions, please contact us at 860-992-8728 or 請點擊下面鏈接購買CD專輯 



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Chai-lun Yueh Vocal Recital Series


Vocal Recital in Pasadena, CA on Saturday, June 25, 2016



Vocal Recital in Irvine, CA on Sunday, June 26, 2016



Vocal Recital in West Hartford, CT on Saturday, July 9, 2016




CD Contents (專輯下面30經典歌曲)


1 秋夜月                               Moon on an Autumn Night
2 沙喲哪啦                            Sayonara
3 望江南                                Thoughts for Lost Land
4 紅葉                                     Crimson Leaves
5 失落的夢                            Lost Dream
6 春花秋月何時了              Will the Seasons Ever Stop Turning?
7 問友               Ask Friends
8 雨夜的小徑                        Alley on a Rainy Night
9 秋菊                                     Autumn Chrysanthemums
10 阮若打開心内的門窗      If We Open the Doors of Our Hearts
11 你是我心目中美麗薔薇      You're the Beautiful Rose in My Heart
12 望月思親                            Thinking of My Family on a Moonlit Night
13 初月                                New Moon
14 鹿鳴篇                              Calls of the Deer
15 逍遥人                               A Carefree Man
16 白髮嘆                               Sighing Over White Hair
17 秋風歌                             Autumn Breeze Song
18 月出歌                           Moonrise Song
19 雄雉歌                             The Pheasant Has Flown
20 秋思                                   Autumn Sentiments
21 遊子吟                               Wanderer's Song
22 檬果                                     The Mango Tree
23 鄉愁                                     Nostalgia
24 墾荒                                     Tilling Virgin Soil
25 醉鄉路穩宜頻到              Let Wine Cups Be My Surest Haunts
26 林花謝了春紅太匆匆     Spring Has Fled the Forest Too Soon
27 請把你的窗兒開               Please Throw Open Your Window
28 誰的心没受過傷              Whose Heart Has Never Been Broken
29 杯底不可飼金魚         Don't Raise Goldfish in the Bottom of Your Glass-Bottoms Up!
30 耶和華是我的牧者              The Lord Is My Shepherd



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