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Chai-lun Yueh

Baritone, member of National Association of Teachers of Singing, USA
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Anthology of Chuan-Sheng Lu
Album La Mia Canzone
Some Enchanted Evening
Man Jiang Hong 满江红
Chinese Classical Art Songs
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Sonntag 星期日
Morgen 明天
Man Jiang Hong
Lyrics by Yue Fei, national hero of China



Baritone: Chai-lun Yueh 岳彩輪 ~ Piano: Stephen Scarlato ~ Art Design: Anqi Yu 俞安琪 

岳飛: 滿江紅



Man Jiang Hong
(Full River of Red)

Yue Fei

In hair-raising, crest-toppling fury I lean against a rail as heavy rain breaks,
I look up to roar at the sky my high hopes at heart.
Achieving high ranks by thirty on dusty battlefields, and dusty the ranks are,
Means three thousand miles on the road following clouds and many a moon.
Never take for granted time, once hair has greyed, there leaves only regret.

While revenge of the Jingkang disgrace awaits;
How can my remorse be laid to rest?
I shall charge my chariot to stomp out all intruders on the Helan Pass.
I swear I'd feed on the flesh of the northern tribes when hungry,
And cheerfully drink their blood when thirsty.
Just wait until one day I recover what used to be our territory,
And toward the Gate of Heaven march our return.

*** Recording is releasing soon...