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Chai-lun Yueh

Baritone, member of National Association of Teachers of Singing, USA
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Meet the Press In New York

 The Cantata "Ask the Sky and the Earth" at Carnegie Hall



Reporters from World Journal, Sing Dao Daily, China Press, Sinovision TV and other major media

 世界日報, 星岛日报, 侨报, 美國中文電視等多家主流媒體記者采訪現場


Conductor Tom Duffy, Librettist Wei Su, Music Director and Baritone Soloist Chai-lun Yueh

耶鲁管乐团指挥Tom Duffy, 岁月甘泉词作者苏炜, 艺术总监及著名男中音歌唱家岳彩轮



Mr. Chai-lun Yueh Performed the Six Movement of the Cantata



Passionate Singing Touched Everyone in the Presence 





  Meet the Press 媒体见面会现场