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Chai-lun Yueh

Baritone, member of National Association of Teachers of Singing, USA
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Reviews and Comments

From The Media 



Larry Kellum, Town Times, Wallingford, CT

"To the powerful baritone of Chai-lun Yueh, who should already be at the Met at this point."


 "Everything came together to perfection on two memorable moments that shook the rafters -- a glorious, brisk "Anvil Chorus" and a stentorian "Te Deum" from Tosca that made one yearn to hear/see Yueh in the role of Scarpia. It received a vociferous standing ovation"



David, Lasky,    Sunday Telegram, Worcester, Ma

“Chai-lun Yueh’s various solos were impressive and powerfully projected.”



 Timothy J. Snider,   The Observer,  Virginia

“Chai-lun Yueh possesses a rich bass and a wonderful stage presence, worth of any operatic villain.”


Edward Wheatley, The Progress, Virginia

“Chai-lun Yueh, with both a refined voice and a fine sense of the comic…..”



 Donna Weeks, El Paso Times, Texas

“Baritone soloist Chai-lun Yueh was magnificent – Even though he sang in Russian his emotion carried well above the orchestra’s accompaniment.”


Courtney V. Cauble,  New Haven Register CT

I Pagliacci was resounding success, and there were some truly splendid vocal and dramatic moments….. Cast acting was strong from start to end, as was the vocal work. With his solid acting, baritone Chai-lun Yueh set a high level in his “Prologue”aria.



Courtney, V. Cauble, New Haven Register CT

“The quality of singing and acting more than passed muster. Chai-lun Yueh as Sharpless was particularly impressive both acting and singing.”


 Steve Metcalf, The Hartford Courant CT

“As the bitter hunchback Tonio, Chai-lun Yueh was deeply effective. With his poignant Prologue, which can be musically treacherous, he showed an impressive vocal and dramatic range.”

 Tony Angarano,  The Hartford Courant   CT

“Baritone Chai-lun Yueh impressed with his rich tone and easy command of florid singing.”



Raymond Tuttle,  Fanfare - July/August 2003

Letter from Italy,1944

The setting is a sensitive one, as befits the subject, and it is gorgeously sung by baritone Chai-lun Yueh. Trenchantly dramatic, eerie, frightening and warmly lyrical as the text requires...



From Colleagues and Students 


From Dr. Thomas Duffy

Music Director of Yale Concert Band, Yale University 


“He’s the real thing. He’s bilingual but he also sings in Italian, Chinese and about two other languages. He’s a pedagogue. He can coach the real pros and then work just as easily with the folks in the choir who are laymen.”

“His range is pretty unbelievable. I think he’s got a four-octave voice. His diction, pitch, breathing, it’s all right there.”


From Dr. Robert Grechesky

Professor of Music, Director of Wind Ensemble, Butler University                   


He is a real pro, and it was a distinct pleasure  to work with him. I had a ball! His performance was masterful in every respect — tone, pitch, musicality, showmanship, flair, and maturity. Not to mention His complete knowledge of every note in the cantata, and his wonderful mentoring of everyone in the chorus!


It was an honor to have Mr. Yueh on our campus, and our students are still buzzing about the weekend. It was truly an extraordinary experience for all of us. I have never received so many positive comments about a concert as I have about this one. It truly touched people in a deep and moving way, and this is, after all, the main purpose of music.

From Students


"Chai-Lun is one of the most positive, influential teachers I have ever had. His constant cheerful attitude and demeanor makes each lesson a joy. His talent is easily recognized and helps apply all of his experiences to his students. I can't think of a single one of his students who did not love taking lessons with him. Definitely look forward to continuing lessons with him next year! "


"Chai Lun is a great and unique teacher. He is not only kind and respectful but also very professional and he definitely know how to teach. I took his lessons for almost 2 years and the only reason I stopped is because I moved to another country. Thank to him I recorded a demo CD and I expend my vocal range a lot!
I miss him very much! "


“Chai-lun is the best voice teacher I have ever had. He is always prepared for classes and gives me constructive criticism when I need it. He is honest and helpful, flexible, reliable, well organized and willing to help students in any way he can. He loves singing and his positive energy benefits me as his student.”

“Coming into voice for the first time I was scared, but now, I feel like I can just try out things and even if they should come out horribly. I would still be comfortable in front of Mr. Yueh –Along with working with my voice, he helped me work on some music theory and told me why things were composed which was very helpful.”

“Professor Yueh is very instructive. He is able to correct my mistakes and give me great advice. He’s always enthusiastic and ready to teach. Professor is knowledge of all type of music mark him a very versatile voice teacher.”

“Prof. Yueh is magnificent! He is easily one of the best voice teachers whom I’ve come across – I’ve met a few.



“I really like to work with Chai-lun. He is very understanding. I feel I have improved a great deal from the times that have spent working with him”.


“The teaching was excellent. Professor Yueh was always prepared, enthusiastic, kind, helpful. He is a very good teacher /singer who explains himself and his corrections well, very interested in me.”

“Chai-lun’s teaching is excellent. He keeps me challenged.”


“Chai-lun is a wonderful teacher. I feel that I have learned so much from him. His patience and diligences were greatly appreciated. He works very hard as an instructor and inspired me to work hard as well.”


“Teaching is terrific. He has a good instinct for being a wonderful voice teacher.”


“I love him as an instructor. He is devoted and skilled. He always encourages me and goes out of his way to help.”


“Professor Yueh is a very outstanding and very good voice teacher. His techniques help me to improve my singing over the last two years and especially this pass semester significantly."