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Chai-lun Yueh

Baritone, member of National Association of Teachers of Singing, USA
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Performance at Welte Hall, CCSU


大型交响叙事合唱 《岁月甘泉》选曲山的壮想  垦荒曲


Movement #6 and #3 from The Cantata "Ask the Sky and the Earth"




Comments from professional musician friends:



What a great pleasure it was this evening to hear and see you at Welte Auditorium.  You always sing beautifully, but this was exceptional…  It was profound, heartfelt, perfectly placed, and very moving.  The chorus was beautifully prepared and the balance was very good.  …  Your conducting was very clear and well-prepared also: I was very impressed... In particular I was amazed at your stamina and focus in moving from singing to conducting with no break in between…The entire event was nicely varied and presented, but your cantata finale was really remarkable and achieved the heights.


It was wonderful!  So impressive to see everyone up there... And Chai-lun was magnificent.  He outdid himself...His former colleague...was also in the audience and was thrilled to hear him perform so beautifully.  Heroic!



 Mr. Yueh's very moving baritone singing of SYGQ 6th movement

"We Know The Mountain’s Noble Thoughts" 山的壮想; Piano Accompanist: Irene Ko


 Mr. Yueh is conducting SYGQ Chorus the 3rd movement of the Cantata: Push Back the Wild垦荒曲


Artistic Director Chai-lun Yueh, Mr. Wei Su (SYGQ Librettist) and all the performers