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Chai-lun Yueh

Baritone, member of National Association of Teachers of Singing, USA
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Directing and Performing with Choruses
Chai-lun has been working with many choruses.  He is music director of Connecticut Women's Chorale, artistic and music director of Kang Hua Singers of Greater Hartford and SYGQ Chorus, board of director and chairman of concert committee of CONCORA, Connecticut's Premiere Professional Choir. He also has been directing, performing and working with The Hartford Chorale, Wesleyan Concert Choir, choruses in Chicago, Washington D.C., Boston, New Jersey, St. Louis, Kansas, Indianapolis and West Connecticut.
Music Director of Connecticut Women's Chorale
(picture above)  Conducting Connecticut Women's Chorale Holiday Concert
Artistic and Music Director of Kang Hua Singers of Greater Hartford
(picture above) Conducting choir rehearsal for concert at Carnegie Hall 2015
Working with the Hartford Chorale to prepare for YRC concert at Bushnell Theatre
Chai-lun is serving as Board of Directors and Chairman of Concert Committee of
(picture above) He is featured as baritone soloist performing with the choir.
As baritone soloist and artistic director of Kang Hua Singers of Greater Hartford, Chai-lun has led choir members from Connecticut, New York and New Jersey,  join force with choir members from New Zealand, Canada, Taiwan, China and other States of US to Perform at Carnegie Hall in 2015. Concert is presented by Distinguished Concert International New York.
As baritone soloist, Chai-lun is performing with the Hartford Chorale (Rick Coffey, music director)
Working with CONCORA at Summer Festival Concert
 As the artistic director and baritone soloist, Chai-lun has led the SYGQ chorus performed at Carnegie Hall, Chicago Symphony Hall, Strathmore Music Center in Washington, Blanche M. Touhill Performing Arts Center in St. Louis, Woolsey Hall at Yale University, Clowes Memorial Hall, Butler University.
(picture above) Performing at Chicago Symphony Hall with chorus and orchestra.
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