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Chai-lun Yueh

Baritone, member of National Association of Teachers of Singing, USA
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Two Cultures -- One Dream

Carnegie Hall, New York



Monday, February 16, 2015, 7:00pm


Yellow River Cantata



Concert is presented by


Distinguished Concerts International New York (DCINY)


Distinguished Concerts Singers International

Distinguished Concerts Orchestra

(Artistic Director and Principal Conductor: Jonathan Griffith)




Chai-lun Yueh (Baritone), Ana Isabel Lazo (Soprano),

Ting Li (Tenor), Brian Wahlstrom (Baritone)

DCINY Debut Conductor: Jie Yi



Ode to the Yellow River (Baritone: Chai-lun Yueh) 黃河頌 (演唱:岳彩輪)



Distinguished Concerts Singers International & Distinguished Concerts Orchestra



Yellow River Cantata Soloists (r to l): Ana Isabel Lazo (Soprano), Chai-lun Yueh (Baritone)

Ting Li (Tenor), Brian Wahlstrom (Baritone)




... This was one of the most energetic performances of any work I have seen in many years! There were no half-measures at any time; it was full tilt from start to finish by all. It was especially interesting to see how involved the chorus was in performance. It was obvious they were giving it their all, with evident pride, as if to say “This is our music, and we are proud to share it with you.” ...


Baritone Chai-Lun Yueh was confident and projected with both strength and dignity...


...The net result was, to this listener, a rare occasion where the quality of the performance exceeded the actual intrinsic value of the work itself. ... 




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Peaceever TV Exclusive Interview

with conductor Yi Jie and renowned baritone Chai-lun Yueh

for concert Yellow River Cantata at the prestigious Carnegie Hall!






著名男中音歌唱家岳彩輪    主持人Lisa Fan      80後指揮家易傑


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Sinovision Interview with Chai-lun Yueh


美国中文网 - 纽约会客室专访




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West Hartford Resident To Sing at Carnegie Hall


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Yellow River Cantata at Carnegie Hall


media report from:


 ... The "Yellow RiverCantata" was produced in 1939,the most difficulttime of Sino-Japanese War. The Cantatawas composed by famouscomposerXian Xinghai, and lyrics by GuangWeiran.Thisnation's musicalepic, has been played for 75 years, inspiredgenerations ofpeople who engaged inprotection of worldpeace.

On February 16, the "Yellow RiverCantata"willbe sung by singers of the United States, New Zealand, China, Taiwan, and otherchoir on the same stagein Carnegie Hall. It is not onlydeclares thedetermination of Chinese nationto safeguard worldpeace, opposesthe Japanese militarism, but also is the voice of peace-loving from people of the world.  


Singers of "Yellow River Cantata" chorus includes over 100 members of Kang Hua Singers of Great Hartford led by renowned musician, conductor and baritone Chai-lun Yueh, joined by members from New Zealand Auckland Music Society Choir, China Shanghai Opera House Chorus, Taiwan Dragons Choir of total over 200 people. Such large number of singers sing on the same stage of the world's famous concert hall is marvelous and will write a brilliant page on the history of 70th anniversary of the victory of World Anti-Fascist War and Chinese Sino-Japanese War. ...


... World renowned baritone Chai-lun Yueh will be featured as the baritone soloist singing famous “Ode to the Yellow River” from the Cantata.  His dramatic and powerful voice will be heard at the prestigious Carnegie Hall.  Mr. Yueh is an award-winning baritone with a voice described as the liquid gold.  He is the first Chinese-born classical vocalist to receive a Grammy Award nomination, winner of Metropolitan Opera National Council Auditions of New England Region, and a finalist at the Pavarotti International Vocal Competition. ...


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A Heartfelt Thank You to Choir Members From Chai-lun


I'd like to take this opportunity to express my heartfelt appreciation and thank you to all of your dedication, commitment, hard work and beautiful singing at the prestigious Carnegie Hall, New York, in this breathtaking master piece - Yellow River Cantata!


I feel very grateful and honored to be part of the production, not only as the baritone soloist, but also as one of the coordinators for the Kang Hua Singers of Greater Hartford, and our dear friends from New York, New Jersey areas. We, about 100 members in total, joined force with singers around the world, to spend three marvelous and unforgettable days in the Big Apple, and witnessed the best professional musicians, most effective rehearsals, and the spectacular concert hall such as Carnegie, and our glorious singing will stay in that great place forever!


I'd like to thank all the leaders from different choirs, for your patience, support and 100% support; you've done a fantastic job!


And, how could we forget our dear American friends, for your detailed suggestions, planning and productive preparations on the music, translation and historical background studies, you are simply the best!


Thanks to Ms. Irene Ko, Ms. Xinyue Zhang for the beautiful piano accompaniment, your contributions have made our performance so much easier and smoother!


As we all know, this year marks the 70th year of Celebration of the end of the World war II, and our Yellow River Cantata was the very first to be performed in such a great fashion at one of the most famous concert halls in the world! I am so proud of each of you, together, we've made history!


Once again, thank you so much for everything and I look forward to making great music together again!


Sincerely yours,


Chai-lun Yueh


Artistic Director, Kang Hua Singers of Greater Hartford

Yellow River Cantata at Carnegie Hall, 2015
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Thank You Message from Choir Members

* Thank you for giving us the opportunity of life time! We have learned so much from you, Yueh Laoshi! We are so proud singing behind you on the glories stage of Carnegie Hall!  As singing lovers, this is the best experience we ever had!  We are so thankful and fortunate having you as our teacher and mentor!  --- Terry, Lisa, Xiaoling, Yun, Zhiying, Helen, Xiaoyan

* On behalf of Chin Yun Chorus, I would like to take this opportunity to thank Yueh Laoshi for giving us this life time opportunity to perform on the same stage with you, Maestro Yi and the wonderful singers from all over the world, and direct us at rehearsals both in NJ and CT.  We learned so much from you and enjoyed every moment.  We also appreciate and thank Lisa for doing a  wonderful job to organize this great event.  Your patience and kindness were really warm our hearts in this cold weather. 

The memory of this fantastic concert will be cherished for many years.  We appreciate your friendship and hope that we would have another opportunity to make beautiful music together in the near future. --- C

* Thank you very much for organizing this great concert and giving us the opportunity to participate.  For me personally, as an amateur music lover, it was the experience of a lifetime.  We hope there will be more chances for us to cooperate in the future. --- H.J.


* Thank you so much for giving us the opportunity of life time singing at Carnegie Hall!  Congratulations for your amazing performance and great success! We will cherish our friendship and so much looking forward to learning and singing with you again! --- Irene, Dr. Fan, Mr. Ko, Yaping, Hui, Wenyan, Lisa


* Thank you very much for inviting me to be a part of the Carnegie Hall Performance.  I had a great time–It was probably one of my favorite life experiences so far.   It was so awesome to perform there and to hear you sing.  You sounded great.  --- Kiele


* 能在卡内基音乐厅和岳老师同台演出我们真是倍感荣幸,这是我们终身难忘的经历!希望岳老师带领我们再創辉煌我们团员让我表达,您的黄河颂是音乐会的亮点和高潮! 我们是屏住呼吸,眼含热泪听您演唱的!--- Amy


* Thank you for inviting me to participate in the performance of Yellow River Cantata.  I enjoyed learning the music, meeting local chorus members and international chorus members. 

Also, congratulations on a wonderful performance of 黄河. --- Darwin

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